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To Read or Not to Read: Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho

To Read or Not to Read: Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho by Peyton Trout This review contains spoilers for the film and book. A Halloween costume classic. A TikTok trend. A crazed businessman. Patrick Bateman has had a grip on pop culture more in recent years than ever before. While most everyone knows Christian Bale…

By the Pricking of My Thumbs—What to Read This Autumn

By the Pricking of My Thumb — What to Read This Autumn by Leah Shepard As the wind begins to swell and the leaves begin to change, sending us indoors, autumn has set in on campus. With it, it brings the ambience of autumn—that spooky mood we all know too well—and for many, it brings…

Known Unknown: BFA Thesis Exhibition Review

By Chad Troyer
Known Unknown is an installation by senior Sculpture student Kennedy Deen. The installation has one main sculpture that you can enter, called Glow Within. . .

Familiar Patterns: BFA Thesis Exhibition Review

By Olivia Wachtel
Emelia Tallman’s Senior BFA Thesis Exhibition, Familiar Patterns, is a beautiful exercise of reflection. . .

the girl for: BFA Thesis Exhibition Review

By Michael Turle
Made up of five separate pieces of intricate multi-media art, the collection deals with themes of gender, sex, identity, body image, and much, much more. . .

2022 Annual Art Show

By Peyton Trout
Thursday, March 24, Kent State art students gathered their families and friends to attend the university’s Annual Student Art Exhibition which features both graduate and undergraduate art. Each undergraduate artist was eligible for Best in Show, First Runner Up, Second Runner Up, and People’s Choice. . .

All Hail the Print Magazine: Comments on Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch

By Jillian Bremner
Oozing with literary style from the first frame, The French Dispatch, Wes Anderson’s eleventh feature length film, delivers a story about a fictional magazine operating out of a small town in France jam packed with wry performances, stunning visuals, inventive story telling technique, and most importantly, a love of journalism. . .


Welcome to Luna’s newest project, our Waxing/Waning blog!

Subjective Value & the Material Self: Senior Thesis Exhibition Review

By Chad Troyer

Subjective Value & the Material Self is an installation focused on tiny jars, born from Anders Ove’s Vile Vials project. A selection from the first iteration of Vile Vials is presented as enlarged photographs on one of the gallery walls. These “Vials” are composed of “found objects” that…

Sounds of Life: Senior Thesis Exhibition Review

By Chad Troyer
Sounds of Life features 5 weavings that are based on remembered sounds at specific locations, such as a car revving its engine outside of a warehouse. These weavings employ ikat, a traditionally Japanese dyeing technique in which. . .

Out of Body Experience: Senior Thesis Exhibition Review

By Chad Troyer
Olivia Pace’s exhibition, Out of Body Experience, features 5 ceramic sculptures, four wall-hung and one supported by two pedestals. These sculptures are hand built, not castings, based on body parts, . . .

product//environment: Senior Thesis Exhibition Review

By Olivia Wachtel
Hope Ashley’s BFA thesis exhibition is a reflection on perspective and environment, combining architectural and industrial mediums. . .

Thrive: Senior Thesis Exhibition Review

By Olivia Wachtel
Walking into Thrive, Abbi Spangler’s BFA thesis exhibition, I was struck by the sheer volume of her work. Hanging from the ceiling . . .