New Moon

A bi-weekly discussion of literature and the arts.

Today, two new members of our design team, Chad and Jordan, discuss the artistic cannon. Tune in for a discussion of the traditional canon and how artists have challenged the canon to arrive at today’s artistic scene.


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Join Alyssa and Brandon, two of our awesome designers, in a discussion of visual art. This week, we answer questions such as, “What impact can art have?” and, “How has visual art evolved?” 


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After a three-year hiatus, Luna Negra is back with a podcast! This week, we’ll briefly explain the vision for New Moon, our new series.

Writer’s BlockCast

A collaboration between Luna Negra and Brainchild

Episode One

Join Carrie, Cameron, and Nina for the first episode of Writer’s BlockCast: a podcast and radio show about writing, the creative process, and all things literary!

Episode Two

Carrie, Nina, and Cameron talk with Wick Fellow Sony Ton-Aime about teaching and writing poetry.

Episode Three

The Writer’s BlockCast team welcomes fellow student, poet and journalist Valerie Royzman, to discuss the intersection between creative writing and journalism.

Episode Four

Visiting poet Michael McKee Green, winner of the 2017 Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Prize, discusses his book Fugue Figure.

Episode Five

Members of the ID13 project talk about the power of writing in and out of correctional facilities.

Episode Six

Sylvia Clark, the president of KSU English Club, joins the Writer’s BlockCast team to talk poetry, prose, and creative nonfiction.