Luna Negra Logo based on past cover designs

Kent State’s longest-standing student magazine

Who We Are

The magazine began its life in 1956 as The Kent Quarterly, which ran for fourteen volumes, ending in 1969. Soon after, the magazine reemerged as The New Kent Quarterly and ran for eighteen further volumes. In 1992, the magazine underwent its most recent metamorphosis and took the name we know it by today—Luna Negra.

What We Do

Today, Luna remains an integral part of Kent’s literary and arts scene. Each fall, we publish Kent State student work to Luna Online, and in the spring, student work finds a home in our print magazine. We publish students of all kinds, from seasoned writers to aimless scribblers, master sculptors to business majors. Whatever form your creativity takes, we at Luna Negra strive to promote and publish it.

In addition to publishing, Luna strives to foster creative growth in the community by hosting monthly events and sparking discussions of literary arts in our New Moon podcast. 

Behind the Logo

The above logo was created using cover art from old issues of the New Kent Quarterly and Luna Negra. Each letter uses a different cover to represent the years of Luna Negra‘s years of service in the Kent community.