The Nature of Heartbreak’s Past

The Nature of Heartbreak’s Past

By William “Middle Child” Barrett IV

I don’t have the capacity for this

Insufficient release 

Hard to come to terms unwritten 

Wishing upon any constellation with 

The right guidance 

My peace amongst trees

My days feel like the trunks of sequoia 

My blood redwood 

Drain me like sap from the maple tree 

I’ll be in season when you need 

And when it’s all over

Tell me it was sweet 

Even if you have to lie to me 

Tell me beautiful lies 

When your tongue 

Can’t stand the bitter taste

Of your words

Since you slipped my embrace 

I’ve made many a new mattress my resting place 

Floating amongst seas of uncertainty 

Hoping to land back onto familiar shores 

I hope I’d be a gentle breeze 

To ease the raging hurricane 

I still feel a storm 

clouding my conscious 

There’s a pattern to the shatter 

Stained with my blood 

Stained by love 

Shattered by passions 

Riveting forces hit like earthquakes 

I’m stunned 

Not enough ink in my pen could account 

For the loss of words I’m experiencing 

Gasping for waters I seek 

When everything binding me slips 

I freeze  

Nerves like ice 

Swallowing my breath 

With every inhale 

Your presence like the moon

Pushing the tides in me to the sandy shores

 Forced to confront emotions I try to ignore 

So even if we don’t speak 

If our eyes are never to look upon each other 

I hope in your dreams 

Even when it’s all over and the seasons change anew 

With leaves of different hues 

Tell me it was sweet 

Like sap from the maple tree 

Even if you have to lie to me 

Just tell me it was sweet