Scrapbox Piece

Scrapbox Piece

By William “Middle Child” Barrett IV

Her eyes are brown and brown 

reminiscent of Sepia photo shoots

Daydream of hazel eyes her gaze 

I consume 

She could be the death of me

I wouldn’t notice

Cause lil mama gives me life

The feeling I can’t ignore it

Euphoric in her ways 

Her presence provides 

A spiritual cleanse in the way sage burns 

My response to it the way she makes my soul yearn 

Every brick I built up 

Of the walls of uncertainty and isolation

Comes crashing down mortar weakens new

The calm to my storm 

when rough waters 

Rock my boat 

When i feel I’m succumbing to the sea 

of life’s pressure and gloom 

She keeps me afloat 

Us two souls have come upon a new religion

Swimming amongst sun as our baptism