The Hound Dog

The Hound Dog

By Jessica Christine

Her vision is gone, now

And her hearing comes, and goes, and comes again

And when she sleeps, she dreams loudly

In colors she doesn’t recognize

And in faces she can’t see anymore

She runs like she did as a pup

And there is nowhere to go, but everywhere to be 

She hears the voices of the people that love her

Excitedly calling her name

She revels in “good girls” and “I love yous”
In voices that fade in and out

And when she closes her eyes
She’s a pup again

And when she passes from this life into the next

It’s like she’s being gently scooped up from the warm spot on the floor

And carried to a soft, fluffy cushion

And I hope she knows 

That I hope I meet her in every life she lives

And that I’ll be here, 

Waiting for her, 

Until I see her again.

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