Soul Train

Soul Train

By Breanna Shaw

I think it’s comforting 


That somewhere

In this objective reality

There’s a force at work that 

Caters to my existence 

Like it’s substantial 

You can call it fate 

Or maybe it’s chance 

But significance and coincidence are relatives 

Of the same circumstance

When our skin gets tired of the morning sun 

And our lips are dry of purpose 

Our bodies are nothing but the echo 

Of a soul too big for its enclosure 

Destined to go out 

The same way it came


Unable to prevent 

Nor protect 

The flesh that clothes it

When the gate arms close 

And my soul train arrives

I hope the blue and red flashing lights 

Appear green through a rose-colored glass

Until then

I’ll be sitting on a lily pad 

Watching the water cascade atop my feet 

Waiting for the moment my essence 

Becomes but a ripple in the lake of the cosmos 

Welcoming my existence in another form of life