it’s time

it’s time

By Rafael Bahls

it’s time,

the boats have shipped away,

the clouds are turning blue and heading east,

my time as a traveler has taught me enough

about goodbyes,

first, the wind curls around you,

to remember you with an embracing glance,

that you are not what you thought you were,

and not from where you think you belong,


your heart gets locked away by some stranger,

swearing that living wildly makes you


you add more pearls around your neck,

just to remind them that all is temporary,

never enough and vanishing slowly,

that’s when you remember to prepare the prow

for you to set sail,

anything goes from this point,


your memory starts to spiral into nostalgia,

missing your past lives is what is holding you

together right now,

sunset streams recall the long walks on the

pier you had with him,

holding hands during midnight fevers, and

picking your hair out of clumps in the shower,

 before he knew your secret,

your arms are too big to hold him tight,

glasses can’t contain the vibrant colors your

eyes have,

sadness controls your brain, but in a curious


which he did not get,


your nights become longer,

you have dreams with your family,

the words “mine & weakness” are more

frequent in your prayers,

the sea seems bigger than before,

and the winds just tell you,

that it all will be with you for evermore.