I am Me

I am Me

By Megan Smith

I am a child of nature

I am a wild child always barefoot

Always leaving my shoes behind

With the smell of smoke in the air

From the fire pit as big as a small pool


I am from a house 

That has a castle down at the end of the lane

Swans grace the lake with their presence

The bells on the tower toll for certain hours

I’m down at the neighbor’s house

Picking up buckeyes to make a necklace from their tree


I am from the words of books

Always with my heads in the clouds

Refusing to be present

Instead always daydreaming of far off places


I am a little girl never wanting to grow up

Wanting to be taken away to Neverland by Peter Pan

I am from church on Sundays

Receiving the body and blood of Christ

Praying my Hail Marys and the rosary

My father telling me one night

After I begged him to pray with me

That I am old enough to pray by myself


I am many things

A girl made from all of my todays, yesterdays and tomorrows

I am me