Who Are You
By Will Smith

Tell me, stranger, who are you?

Not you as I see here

But yourself thrown to your mind rear.

One flickering light standing in the midst 

Of this cajun spiced gumbo.

A party of moments and words suspended in the fermented fog of alcohol induced conversation. 

But why do I see your light so faint?

Do you find yourself in the sess of boredom Pooling in one trough of life? 

Do not let yourself grow weary in this void of nothingness.

Yet be my lighthouse to guide me along in deepest struggles.

I long like a sailor to see your light cast streamlike over a moonless ocean.

Call me home to your flashing rhythms and the pounding of my heart.

One cheek pressed softly against another, your fire roars. 

The billow of my love blows strong and pure;

So just one ember may be cast from your passionate soul, 

And light a furious inferno within my heart.