God is a woman

By Taylor Patterson


I promise you, God

is a woman.

I know holiness

in my mother’s

touch, her palms

pressed with petals and gold.


At dawn, she wraps me in her golden

morning. I did not believe in a deity, a god,

but now my bloody palms

open to the women

of the world. Daughter, sister, mother

your being is holy.


The rise and fall of your belly is an act of holiness.

Babygirl, you are divinity dripping gold.

Let the mother

in me remind you. God

is in your breasts. Your palms


are palms

that do not have to be clean to be holy.

God damn woman,

lets share this wealth, our gold.

I promise you, God

is a woman. This is the legacy your mother


gave you, and my mother

gave me. Press your palm

to mine, we are gods.